DART's Simplex Aerospace Model 326 GII Fire Attack aerial firefighting system is the 2nd generation firefighting tank for the AgustaWestland AW139 helicopter. The GII system consists of a belly-mounted tank and a DC hover refill pump and hose. The belly tank is manufactured from high-strength, low-weight carbon fiberglass material and holds 1,893 liters (500 gallons) of water.

Features of the tank include pilot friendly controls, selectable drop patterns, internal foam injection, corrosion resistant parts, cockpit camera system, and rapid installation and removal. The GII system holds 20% more water and weighs 3% less than the previous 326 model.  The GII is approved to fly at 140 KIAS with hover pump installed and 150 KIAS with hover pump removed.


System Specs Model 326 GII
Tank Weight 498 lb / 226 kg
System Capacity 480 gal / 1817 L
Optional Foam Tank Assembly Capacity 25 gal / 95 L
Hover Refill Rate 400 GPM / 1514 LPM
Vne (Hover Pump Installed) 140 KIAS
Vne (Hover Pump Removed) 150 KIAS



Model 926 QUICK STEP - Secures the end of the hover pump to the belly of the aircraft until the pilot chooses to deploy the pump at the water source. Storing the pump during the flight allows operators to transport firefighters to the fire site increasing the efficiently of the mission. *Download 304 brochure for more info