MODEL 8500 For Hughes 369, MD 500 N

8500 MD500 Heli Mistral OK to use


MODEL 8500

DART's Simplex Aerospace Model 8500 Spray System for the MD 500. The system consists of a belly-mounted composite tank, which holds 341 liters/90 gallons of liquid. The forward mounted boom has a standard width of 8 meters (27 ft) or optional width of 11 meters (35 ft). Other features include an electrically driven spray pump and motor, and flow meter.


System Specs Model 8500
Tank Weight 221 lb / 100 kg
System Capacity 130 gal / 492 L
Boom Span(100% RD) 27 ft / 8 m
Estimated Swath Width 50-70 ft / 15-21 m
Nozzle Ports 52 (1/4" NPT) / 179 kg
Vne 100 KIAS



Enhance the productivity of your spray system with an AG-NAV GPS Precision Navigation system. Designed to interface with Simplex spray systems used on aerial missions, the AG-NAV has user-friendly software with state of the art technology. The large hard drive can store all the spray data produced by a Simplex system. Other features such as moving  maps display, obstacle warnings, and light bar indicators, enhances the                                                                          performance of the Navigation system.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            *For more info, regarding pricing and availability please contact one of our reps.