Chinese VSTC on Model 304 Fire Attack

Simplex Aerospace has been granted a Validation of Supplemental Type Certificate (VSTC) from the Peoples Republic of China for its Bell Fire Attack© system for Bell 412 helicopter.  The VSTC makes the Simplex Fire Attack© system the first FAA STC validated for firefighting in China.

Simplex Aerospace is the industry leader for Fire Attack© systems on medium Bell Helicopters.  In the last two years, Simplex has added new features to the system including the only system available to carry passengers with the hover refill pump installed.  By installing the Simplex Aerospace AFT Hook, operators are permitted to carry passengers while the hover pump is installed and in stowed position.  No other helicopter fire system has this multi-mission capability.  The Simplex Aerospace 304 is also the largest system for medium Bell helicopters, in terms of water carrying capability, with a 375 gallon water and foam capacity.

Mark Zimmerman, President and CEO of Simplex Aerospace, commented that the Simplex Aerospace Model 304 Fire Attack© system has “received several upgrades in recent years, making it the most cost effective system available for the medium Bell helicopters”.  He further stated that the Simplex Aerospace Model 304 Fire Attack© system is the only Fire Attack© system for the medium Bell that allows operators to fight fires at night.  “When you consider the 375 gallon capacity, ability to carry passengers with the hover pump stored and the ability to fight fires at night, the Simplex Aerospace Model 304 is clearly the best firefighting system available for the medium Bell helicopter”.

Simplex Aerospace Fire Attack© systems for helicopters are regarded worldwide as a critical tool in aerial firefighting missions. Simplex Fire Attack© systems are trusted by OEM’s, private operators and government firefighting agencies for their durability, reliability, efficiency and safety. Simplex Aerospace is committed to producing the most advanced certified aerial firefighting systems on the market with the features and quality customers demand.