AH+RT Trains Aviacion Civil Salta Using Simplex Fire Attack Model 308

Advanced Helicopter+Rescue Techniques has wrapped up an aerial wildland firefighting training course with Aviacion Civil Salta. The training was performed in Argentina and provided Simplex Fire Attack System training as well as Fire Behavior and Fire Tactics training.

Aviacion Civil Salta’s Jefe de Operaciones, Lic. Eric Ortiz, says “ the training was tailored to our needs extremely well, conducted and adjusted to an organization like ours.” He also adds, “having training with AH+RT helps our organization improve flight safety, be more efficient in firefighting, and most important, to set standards for training and execution of firefighting with our Bell 412EP and Bell 407.”

Co-founder and pilot Chris Hartnell says AH+RT’s team has committed itself to improving operational safety industry-wide. “We formed our team based upon a recognition of needs within the helicopter industry for full-service training covering all elements of fire and rescue operations,” stated Hartnell. “Achieving safe and effective operations has been the core of success for our team during decades of flight and rescue operations,” added Hartnell.

Director of program development Perry Esquer stated: “We are excited to offer more training opportunities this year which will ultimately benefit every aviation/rescue program by increasing the mission capability, performance and standardization.”

Advanced Helicopter+Rescue Techniques offers a combination of training specializing in helicopter wildland firefighting (day/night/NVG), advanced NVG rescue operations, day, night, land, mountainous and water environment flying, technical rescue as well as tactical operations.

The company is working closely with Simplex Aerospace to offer aerial firefighting training and systems installation training. Mark Zimmerman, Simplex’s president and CEO, stated: “Offering Simplex’s customers comprehensive training and support services is key to ensure overall flight safety and mission effectiveness. We are pleased to be working with the experienced, highly capable and professional AH+RT team.” View press release on Vertical.com