MODEL 304 For Bell models 212, 205A-1, 205B, 412, 412 EP, UH-1H




The Simplex Aerospace Model 304 Fire Attack System is a proven workhorse in the aerial firefighting industry. Compatible with Bell 205-A-1, 212, 412/EP, AB412, & UH1H models, the system consists of a belly mounted carbon fiberglass tank, which holds 1,420 liters (375 gallons) of water or 114 liters (30 gallons) of foam retardant. Other features of the tank include a hover refill pump with a refill rate of 1,514 liters (400 gallons) per minute, cargo hook access, corrosion resistant parts, cockpit controlled selectable drop patterns, and rapid installation/removal.


System Specs Simplex 304 The Competetion
Tank Weight 395 lb / 179 kg 416 lb / 189 L
System Capacity 175 gal / 1420 L 350 gal / 1325 L
Foam Capacity 30 gal / 114 L 27 gal / 102 L
Hover Refill Weight 400 GPM / 1514 LPM 270 GPM / 1022 LPM
Vne (Hover Pump Installed) 110 KIAS 70 KIAS
Vne (Hover Pump Removed) 110 KIAS = 110 KIAS



Aft Hook System - Secures the end of the hover pump to the belly of the aircraft until the pilot chooses to deploy the pump at the water source. Storing the pump during the flight allows operators to transport firefighters to the fire site increasing the efficiently of the mission.

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Flight Steps - Increases accessibility into and out of the aircraft.
Approved high skid gear required.
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Cargo Mirrors
 - Remotely adjustable and heated to prevent frost or moisture build up, our cargo mirrors allow the operator to view external loads during flight.
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304 Saves Crew and Structure from Burnover